Meet Nikki, my wife’s dog

A few years ago, I got my wife a dog for Christmas. She had talked for years about getting one, but it was never really the right time. Our house was still quite full of kids and people going in and out and we didn’t always have a backyard and don’t dogs need those?

Then there was a time when we had the back yard and Shelley couldn’t stop doing searches online for dogs. “Oh, look at this one. And this, oh, he’s so cute.” It went on for days.

Then came the Christmas where no gift seemed right. Then I listened during one of those searches and it occurred to me. Get your wife one of those cute dogs that she wants.

So I went to the pound, because where else would you get a dog, I mean they are literally overrunning with them. Please support your Humane Society.

Anyhow, this one had to be the most aloof dog I have ever met. It didn’t seem to care that I wanted to give it attention, it didn’t come when called, not disobediently, but just kind of on its own time. Eventually it did come to me and check me out.

The dog had a large growth on its hind leg, she smelled funny, and I already told you about the aloof thing. This was the breed of dog that my wife was fawning over. The reasonable thing to do would be to walk away.

So, I adopted the dog and brought her home. She immediately went to my wife. She seemed to know who she belonged to.

Not that she doesn’t prefer my company, so long as there aren’t any other choices.

We finally did remove the tumor, it was benign. She also suffered four a skin allergy, which we also medicated her for but she continues to have ear issues. I guess she had been there for several months, int he pound, sleeping on concrete, surrounded by other dogs and all that entails (no pun intended). At first, she would bark at night, but she eventually calmed down and quickly became a part of the family. She even introduced herself to the cat, who had been an only pet for so long, and well, all that goes on with cats and dogs living in the same space.

The cat still hisses when the dog gets too close, they seem to have established their own boundaries and what and where each animal can go.

She sometimes has ear problems, but we keep up on her meds and keep her healthy. She’s an old dog, but she’s ours. I enjoy spending time with her and my wife is grateful for that Christmas present years ago.