Rejection Pile Part 1

Since one of my committments to this blog this year is to show the rejections I get, I thought it would be good to first show you the ones I already have.
On the right, there is a collage of several rejections received over the last year. If you are new to writing, and you submit for publication, you are certain to see a few of these.
A rejection is not a reflection on the magazine. I do not feel, for example, that since they didn’t print my story that their editors just don’t get it, or that they are somehow unworthy of putting pen to paper. As you will notice, I submitted to many of the finest literary magazines in the country. If you are an editor and your magazine isn’t in my rejection pile, don’t worry, a submission is porbably on its way to you this year, I don’t send to the same publication twice in a year.
One exception, and you won’t see any letter here, is Glimmer Train. I have submitted three different stories and received that many rejections. They have a nifty system online that tracks each submission. It is very convenient and saves paper. I am old fashioned, however, and like printing and stuffing envelopes and going to the post office. (Yes, I do walk into the post office and physically hand them my mailings. Call it paranoia, I call it prudence.)

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