Day 2 – 2008 Willamette Writer’s Conference

Saturday, the second day of the conference.

This morning I started with breakfast. I waited for the elves to come and take my dirty plate, but they didn’t and I had to get to my first workshop, which I was the Room Monitor. So, I stood and made an announcement that an elf would be by later to clean my place. The others at the table stared at me, as if they couldn’t believe that I would just get up and leave, but they don’t believe in elves, so I think that’s sad.

I monitored Elizabeth Lyon’s Manuscript Makeover parts one and two. This went on until noon. In the first class, we kept running out of handouts and the printer was being very naughty…so I rewrote the handouts by hand, and passed those out. j/k

There were a few ‘floaters’ that helped me too. I don’t remember their names but if you read this, THANK YOU!

The second class went much more smoothly. Although we ran out of handouts again, we didn’t need as many and in the end had more than enough.

In between classes I spoke with Ms. Lyons, btw is it Lyon, or Lyons? Anyway, she was very nice and I can see why so many people love going to her classes.

CONFESION: During the second class, I slipped out to get a massage, which was going on across the hallway from where we were. The masseuse(whatever) removed my left arm and attached a new one. It works much better. Whoever did my massage, THANK YOU. My shoulder never felt better. 

So…that brings us to lunch. I had trouble finding a seat. Several seats were saved (apparently at the Tobey Mac concert the night before, and they were none too quiet about it either) But I noticed, after walking halfway across the room that there were two chairs, with a plate of salad on each one.

I took a chance and asked if the seats were taken. I was informed that no one was perturbed by my appearence, so I sat down. The conversation was engaging, the company varied and delightful, and the elves promptly removed dishes.

The unfortunate young lady on my left had allergies and so much ado had to be made about her dish. The elves grow fruit trees in the back, apparently and so she was given a buffet of fresh succulent fruit pieces which she ate without restraint.

There was a fella to her left that pushed his penne away. Probably because they served the penne with peas, and I think this pisses some people off because the peas don’t fit into the penne very well. It makes for a very frustrating eating experience. If you ever make Penne Pasta, please please oh please spare the peas…

In the afternoon, I practiced my pitch so I can sell this Novel. I pitched to two different people: Kassandra and Dave. They were very encouraging and seemed to like the overall concept. I hope to talk to more people (read, agents) about it tomorrow, although I think the folks I’m interested don’t have any room for me. I guess I’ll have to corner one or two of them, or take over their taxi and drive them around in circles until they agree to read my mss.

Until tomorrow….


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